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8 Biggest New Games Of February 2020

Anime, zombies, and some games that might not be that new. One month down, 11 to go, though if January is anything to go by, the rest of 2020 is looking like it’ll be a real rollercoaster, so to speak. I don’t mean in terms of gaming, mind you. Considering everything that’s been going onContinue reading “8 Biggest New Games Of February 2020”


Minecraft – Plans for 2020

Greetings! Last year was an exciting year for MinecraftForum. With the forum’s hosting plan and then changing the ownership to keep the forum active, there was a lot of backend work to keep this site running. Although we certainly struggled to keep up with some areas (bad news …), we certainly didn’t wriggle our thumbsContinue reading “Minecraft – Plans for 2020”