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Monster Hunter: World – Wyrmstake Blast Durations Guide

Find out how long your Wyrmstake Blast lasts depending on ammo loaded and level of Stonethrower used. Guide to Wyrmstake Blast Durations Introduction in case you have ever wondered, if it’s a good idea to increase Slinger Capacity to increase the duration of your Wyrmstake Blast, I have made a list with all slinger ammoContinue reading “Monster Hunter: World – Wyrmstake Blast Durations Guide”


Here, when you can start playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

When can I play Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? The Monster Hunter: World expansion pack is set to attack the PC this week and for all those people who have been patiently waiting for Iceborne since it launched for the console in September, the big question is : when? As we noted earlier, Monster Hunter World:Continue reading “Here, when you can start playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”