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Devil May Cry 3 and Mega Man Zero come to the Nintendo eShop this week – VG247

The NES and SNES online systems get new games too!

Image: Capcom
Before your Switch becomes anĀ Animal Crossing: New HorizonsĀ machine next month, Nintendo has more games for you to play this February. Here are this weekā€™s Nintendo eShop highlights.
TheĀ Devil May CryĀ 3 Special EditionĀ is now available, with the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection coming to Switch on Feb. 25. Thursdayā€™s eShop update also added four retro games to the Nintendo Switch Onlineā€™s NES and SNES emulator.
TheĀ Devil May CryĀ 3 Special EditionĀ revamps the classic game, with new modes and a moreĀ modern weapon swapping system.
TheĀ Mega ManĀ Zero/ZX Legacy CollectionĀ comes withĀ Mega Man ZeroĀ 1,Ā 2,Ā 3, andĀ 4. It also featuresĀ Mega Man ZXĀ andĀ ZX AdventĀ from the Nintendo DS era.
For retro fans, Nintendo Switch Online now offersĀ Shadow of the NinjaĀ andĀ Eliminator Boat DuelĀ for its NES emulator. SNES fans also have access toĀ Popā€™n TwinBeeĀ andĀ Smash Tennis.
You can find more Nintendo Switch games coming this week listed below.

FEB. 20

FEB. 21

FEB. 25

FEB. 26


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