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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Blood in the Darkness Map Challenges (Update 2.2)

This is text and screenshots guide for 5 challenges on new map.

Guide for New Maps Challenges


Challenges are not difficulty-bound, so you can do them even on recrut. Remember – you need sucessfully finish level to unlock complete challenges.

The (not so) Great Escape Challenge

There are six (6) journals on level.

Nearly at start of the level, when you enter this area, go along right wall:

First journal will be there:

Second journal will be after bridge, under stairway.

Third one will be in prison area, where you need pull wheel to open gate:

After climb on ladder, before courtyard, behind crates on left side:

Fifth one is behind barrel on right, in area with last prisoner (dwarf near him)

Near end of level, jump over barrel and go upstairs.

A Fellow of Infinite Jest Challenge

Pick up skull. It is under dropdown to prison area, where you will need to pull wheel:

And then place skull here. It is after courtyard with prisoners, but before dropdown to boss.

In History`s Light Challenge

This one start in second grim area. If you dont know where it is, then look on screenshot: in front – dropdown to boss, path to grim on right side:

To get challenge, you need pull 5 hidden books on bookshelves in specific order, get key, open door, get torch and light brazier in boss area, while holding torch.

So, first book to pull – it is in grim room:

Second one – in same grim room, left from exit door:

Third one – after exit from grim room:

Fourth book is on second floor (on left of screen way to boss):

For fifth book go back, it is on right from stairway to second floor:

After picking last book, door right to it will open. Inside, pickup key:

Torch will be behind door (on left of screenshot):

Pick up torch and go to boss area. On left after drop will be brazier, light it up:

Is That All You`Ve Got? Challenge

Simply kill everyone after pulling wheel in prison area. Challenge will unlocked after death of last enemy. 

Courtyard Sprint Challenge

This challenge is solo-doable – use handmaiden/battle wizard and conc potions (give them to bots/teammates). There are 9 cells with prisoners, remember their position. I`m not sure, when timer start, so I recommend drink conc pots before enter to courtyard (exit on screen). Challenge will unlocked after last cage. 

Reward for All 5 Chalenges


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