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Developer Apex Legends confirms that the Flash muzzle is under development

I can see clearly now the flash is gone.

Apex Legends debuted in less than a year and dominated the battle royale genre when it was released. After months of success, the number of players in the game has plummeted due to a lack of content and common errors and issues. Now Apex seems to be climbing up again, releasing more content and solving the game’s core issues. One of its biggest problems is still the blinking muzzle. However, developer Josh Medina confirmed on Twitter that it was fixed soon.

The bright light
Unfortunately, a flash muzzle occurs in the “Apex Legends”, and when shooting ADS, bright light flashes in the player’s field of view due to the launch of the weapon. For some weapons, such as the R-99 or “deviation”, in some areas, the muzzle flash is so bad that it is almost impossible to track and shoot the target. Due to factors such as graphics settings, FPS, monitor refresh rate, etc., the muzzle flash experience may also vary from player to player.

Apex players have been asking this for a long time, why this issue has not been resolved as it seems to be a very simple question. But according to Respawn, the problem is much deeper than we expected. As explained earlier, the muzzle of a flash is not just about weapons and emitted light. It’s related to the lighting of the entire map, making it even more important.

Kings Canyon at night
So, given that Respawn’s previous statement about muzzle flashes is correct, the upcoming Grand Soiree Arcade event may allow players to experience situations that reduce muzzle flashes. In the 14-day event, there are 7 game modes that rotate every two days.

One of these modes is “Dark Canyon”. Sounds like Kings Canyon at night. Because the overall light of this map will be dimmed, the flash of the muzzle should also be greatly dimmed due to the light of the map. Kings Canyon after dark will be held from January 24th to 25th.

( Source: PC Invasion )


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